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What do you learn in this lead generation class that you do not already know?

1. How to build a real Twitter account and attract actual followers, not bots.

The days where you could simply "buy some followers" and appear to be popular enough that random people would in turn follow the account are gone. Twitter has thankfully re-done their platform and are now focused on real interactions with real users, which is much more beneficial. You can not however benefit from any of these positive changes without the right training, which is where we come in. We will show you the platform user skills you need to get to your first 1000 REAL followers who actually interact with you and pay attention to what you tweet.

2. How to get the right types of people to follow you on Instagram.

IG is full of people posting staged post and taking their clothes off to get attention. Your messages can not compete with that unless you have the proper mindset and know-how to separate your post from the endless stream of useless noise that drowns the average IG user. We will show you how to actually find and connect with leads.

3. How to create Pinterest content that gets pinned.

Learn how to use this great "SEO" resource to your advantage. We will show you how to get "pins" and how to use followers to drive leads to your phone.

4. How to get an email or call from CraigsList.

CL is NOT dead. You just need to learn from experts how to use it to your advantage without attracting the wrong kind of attention or scammers.

5. How to get Yelp reviews that count.

The worlds top review service is closely monitored to ensure that it's paying clients get the value they seek and that is legally within the rights of the company that owns the review site. You however CAN get reviews that show up and benefit you even if you do not "pay". We show you how.

What do you get in this class that you do not already have?

1. A better understanding of HOW leads come in from the Internet.

There are an exhausting amount of "Guru" types that could not actually generate a real qualified lead under any circumstance and that are also represented in the the vast and overwhelming majority of people who "say" they can teach you to get leads from the Internet. We outrank all of them for all their keywords and pay nothing to do it so they have zero credibility. What we teach you occurs after you gain search optimization dominance which is where everyone else is still stuck.

Were not talking about paying for PPC. We are talking about training you to get real organic pre-qualified leads from the Internet, for free. There is a way to do it and SEO is only 20% of the technique we teach you to use. The rest involves you learning how leads work not just the theory or the beaten down mantra you will hear elsewhere but more along the lines of the actual technical process involved, from a high level.

2. Instruction on techniques that get Internet leads to email or call you directly.

We teach you how to get the phone to ring with people who get right to the subject at hand which is do you have what I want and are you ready to do business immediately. We teach you to pull in real prospects and not "look-e-loo's".

3. A real eCommerce and mobile website that you can get leads with.

Finally you leave with everything you need to get leads. there is no additional charge, no hidden fee and no scam. NO OTHER CLASS ON EARTH offers this value. If you find one, take it and tell us so we can too.

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