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Are you getting random pop-up that threaten you to call a number or there will be trouble?
When you're using the Internet does it take forever for webpages to come up?
Are you selling or throwing away an old computer and really want it erased securely?
Do you need someone to actually get the Spyware and Virii off your computer?
Is your e-Mail clogged with SPAM and advertising you don't want?
Does your computer lock up for no reason at all while you use it?
Is the fan on your computer driving you mad because it's too loud?
Do you want your camera and microphone to work so you can video chat with others?
Would you like to lock your computer down so its private and safe from hackers?
Would you like to backup everything on your computer automatically to a USB stick?
Did your kids mess your computer up and change some settings now it won't print?
Is your home network down and you want it to work again?
Did you lose something on your computer and want it back?
Is the sound on your machine not working correctly and you need it fixed?
Does you computer have a virus and you want it cleaned without losing everything?
Does more than one person use the computer and you want separate accounts?
Would you like to TALK to your Mac and have it type words for you?
Were you thinking of buying a new computer and don't want to spend the money?
Do you want your Mac to perform faster?
Does your computer suddenly lock up while you use it?
Has your computer gotten slower over time in comparison to when it was new?
Do you need to get your Windows 7 PC updated but don't want to lose your data?
Do you want to play the latest video games on your PC?