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Gary Drecher

Sparks, NV.

If every click makes you want to rip your hair out but you don't have the money to go to Best Buy/Office Ripoff, then you just get these guys to fix whatever is wrong with your junk. My junk (Macbook Pro Mid 2012) didn't play anymore so I called Apple and was told "sorry you don't have a service plan so its $300.00 dollars", then I called a local Reno outfit that I thought was OK based on a bunch of obviously bullshit Facebook post and they told me to come in and "see what they have for purchase" (bait+switch=not helping), then I went to Office Depot and was charged $110.00 for nothing (my computer was held ransom by these jerks), then I finally found MTC by simply typing into search that I needed tech support ("tech support Reno")...poof, done....40 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't have to reload anything, just had to stop all the crap from loading on boot then turn off the guest accounts and sharing...13 minute phone call with MTC!!!!! - THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS TO FILL OUT THE TECH'MERGENCY FORM, THEY WILL CALL YOU AND YOU WILL GET HELP IMMEDIATELY AND YOU PAY WITH PAYPAL. = DONEZELL WASHINGTON IN 13 MINS!

Thanks for the adwords help, business is great! [ Anwar ]

Our customers were going to the wrong place because our google map listings were wrong and MTC fixed that too. [ Kristi's Pet's and Grooming, Reno ]

Name Withheld

Los Angeles

Tried magic jack, it didn't work on my 2009 Macbook, which was in bad shape anyway...too slow to use basically and it had some virus or something on there. So my roommate Todd showed me his computer which was broken I thought or at least that is what he told me when I asked him if I could plug up my magic jack. So yesterday he is using his computer and I asked him about it and he said he got this USB thing that booted it right up. So I looked and sure enough it was working, so I tried my magic jack and it didn't work still. So then i saw whatsapp was on the new software his computer was running so we used that instead to call the UK for a business call and it worked sweet. So that's my story. IM BUYING A JUMPSTICK TONIGHT.

I ordered the USB JumpStick on Monday night, I got my JumpStick today Thursday in the mail, plugged it right into my crashed PC that GeekSquad wanted $112 to fix and was up, running and back online with Internet within 4 minutes then backed all my old stuff off my "crashed drive" onto my portable drive myself. For $40 dollars TOTAL !!!! Thanks MTC ! [ Todd Armstrong, Los Angeles ]

I got a real lead off the Internet for the first time in 20 years that actually closed on a new home because of taking the class and learning what I was supposed to look for and how to actually do it. Nothing else worked and I wasted a bunch of money on FB social network ads which did nothing. I wish I had this class 10 years ago. [Jasper@PrimeRealty Your Number One Home Source]

Computer support specialist are a dime a dozen and usually a rip off but not these people. Thanks! [ Shelly & Rose Pressure Washing - Austin, TX.]

Gary Martel

Sparks Nevada

Senior friendly. These guy know their stuff and they helped me out. My daughter gave me a new computer for Christmas and I have been trying to get it going for the last 6 months and only have been able to use it for the last 2 months. The windows system came on it and I was not able to learn it at all. I simply needed the screen to show bigger so I took it to best buy and paid $100 for them to fix that. Next it said I had to call to unlock my files then it wouldn't let me in, so back to the geeks for that and another $100. So I stopped using it since it was costing too much. Finally I was learning how to email and then it was okay for that but the internet was too slow and very frustrating so I stopped using it again and just used the one in the lobby of the place where I live since it is free as well as it has a printer. Kelly my grand-daughter came to visit and asked where is the computer so I told her what happened and she said she knew who could teach me how to use it in an afternoon, so she called My Technology Coaches and they came over the same day and they erased windows off my computer and put in linus which had an easy screen to use and was much more simple for me to understand. That was 2 months ago and I have had no problems since. They only charged $60 total including about an hour showing me how to use the computer which I can now do. I actually saw one of the people from there at the concert in the park and got him a coffee I was so happy.

In 3 years since having MTC show us how to generate our own leads, we've never had a slow month. Take the class because it's the best money we have spent in 20 years of business. [Showcase Interiors]

MTC are the Mac OS terminal and Windows Server 2016 virtual machine experts. The fact that we have a hybrid OS network didn't even phase these guys. Don't waste your time or your money on best buy geek crew or whatever they are called as they can't get the job done for less than a grand and they have to use a contractor anyway. [Grand Canyon Studios]

We were spending over $1300 per month for our "Professionally Managed" website with a typical company and got nothing from it. Not one single verifiable lead in the door. All we got was a bunch of scam "impressions" and non existent "conversions"! - MTC has shown us that you can actually trust people and now we only pay $20 per month and actually get more as well as learning how to do it ourselves so nobody rips us off again. Thanks. [Name Withheld]

I saved money and got more customers. Thanks. [Donna, Owner Uncle Fredies, Reno]

You guys changed my life, now I'm winning! ;) [A.R. in L.A.]

When we have a problem which is very rare but always a complete emergency, our business can count on MTC to correct issues in a short time and for a reasonable price. We have had terrible service experiences with the chain store and overseas services and had assumed incorrectly that IT Support was just another scam being used by greedy companies to steal money from hard working and honest people. MTC showed us that you can actually trust people to do what they say they will do and get good results. Thanks. [Overland LockSmith - Niel Padokis]

I can't risk having a novice support my business. In over 15 years there has been 100 PERCENT solutions and ZERO problems with the folks at MTC. [CEO - Freakling Brothers Attractions]

The best, been using them for over 10 years, they fixed my dell, my mac, my other dell, my sony, my printers, my router, my wifi, all of it etc, everything got fixed so wow. They have saved me countless times. [Publisher - Update With Ginnie, Circular]

MTC is wonderful at any kind of SEO and very trustworthy. They promoted my business as well as my husbands and during the economic downturn helped to keep us going with leads that actually converted. [Las Vegas Real Estate Professional - Faith H.]

Gianno. B.

Las Vegas

To start, thanks! You guys saved my sanity and maybe even more than that. I had a 19 gig corrupted outlook file that represented a total loss to me and my business and my clients going back 10 years. This was a complete wipe out if you could not fix my outlook and you did after 4 hours of nonstop work. I have seen a lot in my 30 years of real estate and nobody has shown the expertise you showed me tonight. We tried every support team available including frys and best buy and ifixit and none of them could fix the file corruption and you did. Bottom line, you saved our company to say the least. To all the people reading this do not bother wasting any money or time on the novice wannabe stores as this is the only outfit you need.

Used them for years now. These guys at MTC have been very patient with me and they have been effective. I got use to not being able to understand the people talking when I used to call Dell back when I lived in the states and that's why after my service contract I did not renew as it was silly to pay for service when no one could even help me. Now I reach MTC via email from my phone app and they even send me step by step videos (thanks Amy) to make sure I click the right things. Thanks [Founder, San Kaiser Loans, UK]

I'm not a typical business, I don't have any big time equipment, I'm just a regular DJ doing wedding gigs and yesterday I needed some help. I found mytech.. from a tweet I had seen. Well, long story short, I'm glad I called. Spent 40 bucks and was able to make 300 because my laptop got cleaned and my program worked in time for my gig I had booked the next day. Cool service for cheap, the other place I called wanted to charge me $300 for a new mother board, I just needed to call a legit tech, thanks guys. [DJ Ernesto Morales, NYC]

Our server went down at 1:20am with a DDOS issue on a Tuesday. MTC had us back online and protected by 4:00am and that included replicating and virtualizing the server onto a failover configuration on our VM and adding NameServer protection. Tony and the crew know their stuff! [Utah Regional - Adnan P.]

I call for some help and my problem is fixed in less than an hour and I don't have to pay $250.00 for someone from the national chain store to help me. Pretty simple. My website has me selling ecommerce and I learned to work on it myself which is incredible for me. This is 100% the real deal. [MICANO Home and Garden, Reno, NV.] - Sam S.

I get a steady stream of leads every week from the Internet that I can close and everyone else in my salon ask me how. I tell them MTC teaches a class on exactly how. Some of my best customers from the last 15 years are from my website. [Beauty Professional, Sparks, NV.] - W

The website is a home run! This is exactly what I needed and couldn't get. I recommend anyone in Real Estate to learn your methods. There are a lot of people out there claiming to know how to generate leads online but you actually delivered. The real benefit here is that I now know how to do it for myself using my own websites. [] - Gianno B.

Thanks so much, this was what we needed to know and our site was great. Now we get it ;) Come to our blues fest! [Lofoten Arctic Hotel -]

Torrey B

Las Vegas, NV.

Thank you so much for all your efforts on our fantastic website and everything you showed our GM Jen, we shopped around and were going to be charged over $5,500 for a basic website that didn't have any of the features we had like, video menu's, online ordering and reservations and would have had to wait 6-8 weeks!. You did the job perfectly for a fraction of the price in 24 hours! We track everything and between your site and the Twitter account you operated for us, you were directly responsible for more than 30 PERCENT of the visitors we had in our first 3 months of business, even the celebrities. I do not know how to thank you enough as this was just incredible bro. Blue Water Restaurant.

"We do business in every country on the planet that is connected to the Internet and over 95% of our users found us via Search Engines. This is due to us practicing the MTC007 techniques daily." We have been working with MTC since back in the Henderson days when they were next door to Zappos. The bottom line is that SEO is a scam in most cases as people want to charge for something that you don't get immediately or may never get, MTC teaches you how to get leads from the internet even without having a ranked page or paying for adwords. This is what people need to learn. We support 10,000+ users in ALL known countries and none of that would be possible without legitimate help from real experts like the team! Kudos. []

Tony, you helped us build a website when we desperately needed one and it served us for 7 years, you even got us a perfect domain name. Thanks to you we were able to get more customers in the door and eventually expand our business to triple its size over the years and we spent nothing, it was so generous of you, you even took photo's and scanned them and photoshopped them to make us look #1. I was able to sell my business but without Tony's help this would not have happened or if it did it would not have happened as soon as it did. [Sakun Thai Restaurant] - Gina S.

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