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Computer Tips For Seniors

by Anonymous

How to make Windows 10 open files using the right program and stop asking you which one to use.

How to make Windows 10 open files using the right program and stop asking you which one to use.

Seniors were not born with computers as a normal part of everyday life and that means sometimes you as an older person will need to learn something new. One example that frustrates senior users is the fact that Windows opens their files with the program ("application") that Windows thinks is correct (and that is because Microsoft the company that sells Windows has many scientist that average out what people need and that's how things are setup when you get your computer). If you need to change which program gets used to open a particular type of file then simply follow these steps to tell Windows 10 which program to use to open files of a certain type like, your pictures.

Press the Windows Button on your keyboard between Ctrl and Alt, then click Settings on the pop-up menu. Once the next screen (settings) opens, click Apps to open the Apps & Features window. Choose which Apps on the left side of the window and move down the page to the Choose Default Apps by File Type link. The Associate File Types with Specific Apps window opens and shows which file extensions / file types are known. In the Name column select the file type you want to adjust (example: if you want to change the program that opens pictures (.jpg or ,jpeg) files, then you simply scroll to and select the JPEG file extension). In the Default App column, select Choose a Default (if no default application has been chosen yet) or the name of the default application (if one has been chosen). The Choose an App window opens and lists programs on your computer that can open files of the type you selected. Choose the program / application you want to use for opening files of that specific type (.jpg, .doc, .pdf etc).