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Computer Tips For Seniors

by Anonymous

Never hire a Hobbyist or Amatuer to do professional support.

TOP 3 REASONS Why it is a very bad idea to hire anyone other than a CERTIFIED COMPUTER TECHNICIAN to perform technical support.

1. Cyber-Security is now the prevalent "issue" on the planet. If the electricity is cut, all humans will experience hardships beyond that which has to be endured with the power on. The fact of the matter is that over 99% of first world infrastructure (and that means everything we need to be first and second world, including Banks, Public Works, Transportation and everything else) runs because of computers. All of this is susceptible to criminal activity. CERTIFIED Technicians have at least proven themselves in proctored examinations and have made it understood that they agree with ethical norms and will abide by the laws on the books in first and second world countries. No, they don't swear to anything but they are known and positively identified individuals. Anyone who says that certification means nothing should be asked for their certification ID numbers and immediately validated online as they are probably just "hatin". Beyond that, nearly all businesses that employ professional computer technicians have performed both background checks and drug test on them. Therefore the likelihood of a certified technician acting maliciously while knowing that they are catalogued is much lower than the general population. If you hire a random person to perform technical support, then you may get random unwanted results. It is NOT worth it. Just remember, your chain store has been breached, your credit reporting firm has been breached, your government has been breached. You should not want your business to be breached. You personally do not want to be breached. This is a very good reason to work with real computer technicians versus hobbyist and amateurs.

2. Quality Of Service is as important to you as is Customer Service, or it should be. Lot's of people have mastered the art of making you feel happy to patronize their service. Far fewer people are good at what they do. Those are facts. Here at MTC we tell it like it is as we have no reason not to. So if you have just lost 10 years of financial data because your old PC's drive gave out, we will not say that everything will be okay. We will however advise you on what your options are and what they will cost before you make a choice. Then if at all possible we will get your data back using every method available, from refrigerating your drive (to shrink seized components) to swapping out the on board controller and even performing forensic recovery if you decide that is what you want to do. Things like this will not get done by a novice because they do not even know these techniques are even options. This type of experience plus certification is what quality service is all about. You wouldn't want an unlicensed lawyer handling your case would you? Then you don't want an non certified wannabe handling your IT needs.

3. Money is important to you and it doesn't grow on trees. Time is money. It has been proven beyond doubt that untrained novice individuals waste time in a given situation where a problem must be solved. This is why professionals are trained, and certified, so they don't procrastinate more than necessary to solve issues. The bottom line is that people who do not know what they are doing, will not pass proctored IT certification examinations in the allotted times. If they can not do that then they will not be able to handle field issues in a reasonable amount of time either. Customers do not like to pay for service providers to get on the job training, they like to pay for proper support. This is why there are standards and being certified is standard for a reason.

MyTechnologyCOACH has a 100% CERTIFIED staff of Information Technology Professionals with decades of experience. You should demand this from ALL technical support providers. The time for games has long gone.