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The Negative Impact Of Big-Tech's Decision To Cut Cost And Outsource Technical Support In The Late 1990's.

Back in the late 1990's, the proliferation of consumer technology led to an increased demand for technical support services. To meet this requirement and to save money while doing it, many US organizations chose to outsource their technical support departments or call centers to countries with lower costs. One notable example was Dell, which normalized the strategy by outsourcing its technical support and customer service departments to India in 2001. However, this shift towards outsourcing has had detrimental effects on the quality of customer experience and has fostered a downward spiral in the level of professionalism and quality in the entire customer service industry. This has permeated other facets of modern business and society itself.

The decision to outsource technical support has resulted in a unprecedented decline in customer satisfaction levels and overall consumer confidence. People have started to think that companies do not care about customers. Customers often encounter difficulties communicating with support agents due to language barriers and cultural differences. This not only happened over the phone but eventually the effect permeated into real life interactions and across industry lines as the standards plummeted and everyone went for the cheapest methods they could find including the lowest cost workforce to get the job done. Accents and language proficiency issues can make it challenging for customers to understand and be understood, leading to frustration and miscommunication. This degradation in customer experience undermines the company's reputation and erodes customer loyalty. Customer service issues of this sort are easily remedied by regional and dialect specific service representatives who deal with customers from a matching region or language population but this cost money and at the end of the last millennium, money became the single driving factor in the public corporations mindset.

Outsourcing technical support has led to a lack of in-depth product and service knowledge among support agents. These outsourced agents may not possess the same level of familiarity with the products and services as the internal employees of the company would. Consequently, customers may receive incomplete or inaccurate information, leading to ineffective troubleshooting and problem resolution. The absence of specialized knowledge also hampers the ability to provide efficient and tailored support to customers' unique needs.

The outsourcing of technical support often results in increased response times and reduced availability of support services. Time zone differences and shifts in working hours create limitations in providing prompt assistance. Customers may face delays in reaching a support representative or have to wait longer to receive resolution for their issues. This diminished availability can be particularly frustrating during critical situations or when urgent support is required, negatively impacting the overall customer experience.

Outsourcing technical support has the potential to tarnish a company's image and erode customer trust. When customers feel that their concerns are not adequately addressed or their problems are not resolved satisfactorily, they may develop negative perceptions of the company and these days retaliate online via review portals and social media. Word-of-mouth and online reviews that highlight poor customer experiences spread quickly, damaging a brand's reputation and deterring potential customers from engaging with the business.

By outsourcing technical support, companies sacrificed the ability to provide high quality and personalized assistance to their customers in return for payroll savings. Internal employees who have a deeper understanding of the company's products and services could offer tailored solutions and build rapport with customers but instead they were simply replaced by cheaper means. However, outsourced support agents lacked familiarity, leading to a more impersonal and transactional interaction which in turn spiraled down to the levels of minimal customer service and support experienced worldwide today. This impersonal approach has left customers feeling undervalued and dissatisfied with the level of support they receive.

While outsourcing technical support may have initially seemed like an appealing solution for businesses to reduce costs and focus on core operations, it has proven to be a flawed approach that degraded the quality of the customer experience and changed society itself. The language barriers, lack of specialized knowledge, increased response time, and impersonal interactions have all contributed to declining customer satisfaction and damaged company reputations as well as professionalism across society as a whole. As businesses now again seek to provide exceptional customer service in order to improve their bottom lines, it is crucial to reevaluate the outsourcing strategy and consider alternative approaches that prioritize quality, security and customer-centric support. Genuine US technologist did not support outsourcing in 1997 and we still don't. Pinching pennies is not always a good idea and this effort by out of touch entitled executives, who had never started at the bottom and had no idea what it was like to make it via hard work, dedication and professionalism helped to usher in an entire era of sub-standard performance which in turn helped lower the importance of professionalism as a societal norm. A domino effect of disastrous consequences.

The MyTechnologyCOACH team is dedicated to high quality technical support and stellar customer service.

by tonrad

TOP 3 Windows Tips of 2023

TOP 3 "Windows 10" Tips of 2023

1. Stop Microsoft from collecting your data!

Type "services" in the Start menu search bar then, disable 'Diagnostics Tracking Service' & 'dmwappushsvc' = No more "data" will be collected without you knowing it. This is obviously for the security minded among you.

2. Get the useful "Icons" back on the desktop.

Click the Start Menu, go to Settings, then click Personalization, then Themes, then Desktop Icon Settings & select the icons you need back onto the desktop where some people think they obviously belong. If you are one of those people then this tip is for you.
3. Keep "Them" from listening to your conversations and watching you with your camera!

It sounds like science fiction but hackers love to listen to you and record video from your camera. This can obviously be used against you later and thousands of people have learned this the hard way. Don't be one of "those people". Take your privacy seriously with this tip. Define which apps can access the camera & mic by clicking the Start Menu, then Settings, then click Privacy and turn off permission for the applications you do not want to access the microphone and camera. There are many other settings to disable as well like "Your Location" which you may want off.
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How to make Windows 10 open files using the right program and stop asking you which one to use.

How to make Windows 10 open files using the right program and stop asking you which one to use.

Seniors were not born with computers as a normal part of everyday life and that means sometimes you as an older person will need to learn something new. One example that frustrates senior users is the fact that Windows opens their files with the program ("application") that Windows thinks is correct (and that is because Microsoft the company that sells Windows has many scientist that average out what people need and that's how things are setup when you get your computer). If you need to change which program gets used to open a particular type of file then simply follow these steps to tell Windows 10 which program to use to open files of a certain type like, your pictures.

Press the Windows Button on your keyboard between Ctrl and Alt, then click Settings on the pop-up menu. Once the next screen (settings) opens, click Apps to open the Apps & Features window. Choose which Apps on the left side of the window and move down the page to the Choose Default Apps by File Type link. The Associate File Types with Specific Apps window opens and shows which file extensions / file types are known. In the Name column select the file type you want to adjust (example: if you want to change the program that opens pictures (.jpg or ,jpeg) files, then you simply scroll to and select the JPEG file extension). In the Default App column, select Choose a Default (if no default application has been chosen yet) or the name of the default application (if one has been chosen). The Choose an App window opens and lists programs on your computer that can open files of the type you selected. Choose the program / application you want to use for opening files of that specific type (.jpg, .doc, .pdf etc).

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Never hire a Hobbyist or Amatuer to do professional support.

TOP 3 REASONS Why it is a very bad idea to hire anyone other than a CERTIFIED COMPUTER TECHNICIAN to perform technical support.

1. Cyber-Security is now the prevalent "issue" on the planet. If the electricity is cut, all humans will experience hardships beyond that which has to be endured with the power on. The fact of the matter is that over 99% of first world infrastructure (and that means everything we need to be first and second world, including Banks, Public Works, Transportation and everything else) runs because of computers. All of this is susceptible to criminal activity. CERTIFIED Technicians have at least proven themselves in proctored examinations and have made it understood that they agree with ethical norms and will abide by the laws on the books in first and second world countries. No, they don't swear to anything but they are known and positively identified individuals. Anyone who says that certification means nothing should be asked for their certification ID numbers and immediately validated online as they are probably just "hatin". Beyond that, nearly all businesses that employ professional computer technicians have performed both background checks and drug test on them. Therefore the likelihood of a certified technician acting maliciously while knowing that they are catalogued is much lower than the general population. If you hire a random person to perform technical support, then you may get random unwanted results. It is NOT worth it. Just remember, your chain store has been breached, your credit reporting firm has been breached, your government has been breached. You should not want your business to be breached. You personally do not want to be breached. This is a very good reason to work with real computer technicians versus hobbyist and amateurs.

2. Quality Of Service is as important to you as is Customer Service, or it should be. Lot's of people have mastered the art of making you feel happy to patronize their service. Far fewer people are good at what they do. Those are facts. Here at MTC we tell it like it is as we have no reason not to. So if you have just lost 10 years of financial data because your old PC's drive gave out, we will not say that everything will be okay. We will however advise you on what your options are and what they will cost before you make a choice. Then if at all possible we will get your data back using every method available, from refrigerating your drive (to shrink seized components) to swapping out the on board controller and even performing forensic recovery if you decide that is what you want to do. Things like this will not get done by a novice because they do not even know these techniques are even options. This type of experience plus certification is what quality service is all about. You wouldn't want an unlicensed lawyer handling your case would you? Then you don't want an non certified wannabe handling your IT needs.

3. Money is important to you and it doesn't grow on trees. Time is money. It has been proven beyond doubt that untrained novice individuals waste time in a given situation where a problem must be solved. This is why professionals are trained, and certified, so they don't procrastinate more than necessary to solve issues. The bottom line is that people who do not know what they are doing, will not pass proctored IT certification examinations in the allotted times. If they can not do that then they will not be able to handle field issues in a reasonable amount of time either. Customers do not like to pay for service providers to get on the job training, they like to pay for proper support. This is why there are standards and being certified is standard for a reason.

MyTechnologyCOACH has a 100% CERTIFIED staff of Information Technology Professionals with decades of experience. You should demand this from ALL technical support providers. The time for games has long gone.