Technical Support, Computer Help, Reno, NV. $39.99 Per Call.

English Speaking, US Based, On-Demand, Telephone Support / Remote Tech Support.

  • Tech Support.-USA Based Technical Support & Training.

    Tech Support.

    USA Based Technical Support & Training.

  • Certified Technicians-Get help from actual experts.

    Certified Technicians

    Get help from actual experts.

  • Save time, save money.-Flat rate support $39.99 per instance.

    Save time, save money.

    Flat rate support $39.99 per instance.


Technical Support, Computer Help, Reno, Sparks, NV.


We are Information Technology Experts who currently still work in the industry and are required to maintain our technical expertise in order to pass routine and rigorous proctored test to maintain our legitimacy. We are REAL experts who can actually help you.

We are experienced Technical Trainers, who have actually trained award winning support organizations for real Fortune 500 companies in addition to small and medium sized organizations. Beyond that, we have helped THOUSANDS of regular users. We can help you.

If you are in need of Technical Support or Computer Repair Service, then we are who you need to call or text. We have been doing this for a long time and we are able to help you through your computer issues, problems and gaps in knowledge. WE CAN help you.

Just $39.99 Per Call. On-Site Computer Repair Available, Flat Rate $59.99 Per Visit.

On-Demand US Based, technical support and individual instruction from genuine certified computer technicians makes life easier. MyTechnologyCOACH.Me is the fastest and most economical way to get that support and training. Learn how to use computers, the Internet, e-Mail,  Social Media and even Lead Generation from actual professionals. The team are US based, active and experienced Information Technology experts. We are all also successful managers, engineers and technical trainers who hold Information Technology Certifications such as those from Microsoft, IBM, Google, Cisco, ITIL (AXELOS, Information Technology Infrastructure Library), The PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council), CompTIA, Dell and more. On top of that we are active professionals at IT firms that are helping to create the technology services you may be using daily like Social Media. We are here to teach you how to benefit more from using what you may already have and to help you get what you need to become more successful. The most important thing to know about us is that we are here to support you. Computer Help, Technical Support, Reno, Sparks, NV. $39.99 per call. On-site Computer Repair available for $59.99 per visit.

Computer Repair Service - [NEW!] -Are you looking for computer repair near you? We have a local presence in your area and can have someone at your location shortly who will even bring the parts needed to do the repair onsite (conditions apply, like a 50% deposit payment). All of our technicians are trained, experienced, background checked, drug tested and certified. Not many service providers in Nevada can even make that claim. Our telephone experts will first contact you to collect details about your issue and fix it over the phone in 82% of cases and if that is not possible then a real technician can be dispatched to replace parts and reload your operating system or clean your virus and remove your spyware in addition to everything else that may be needed. We have actual capability to help you and NOT waste your time. Certified Information Technology Experts, who offer Computer Training and Technical Support.

What we offer here at is expert US based technical support and on-demand training. We teach online and in person, to people just like you and from all walks of life, who are getting overwhelmed by all the things one needs to know and must do, just to use a computer, get online and stay safe while doing so. We cover everything from basic computer use to email and CyberSecurity. We even offer a workshop that allows you to build and publish your own website (provided and hosted by us) which by the way is 100% mandatory if you want to get leads with any regularity from the Internet. Additionally we offer routine, task-rabbit style help in many areas so that if you simply want someone to do it for you, that can also be arranged.

The real reason you want to have us help you other than we are US based, is that unlike many of the coaches you will encounter no matter where you go, we have actually done everything in real life that we teach you and are having success with these techniques.

We help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners ordinarily, but nearly everyone even those not looking for a specific business related outcome can benefit from these techniques. We will present the information to you in a simplistic fashion and you do not need advanced skills or knowledge to benefit from this workshop.

Finally, when you are done with our course you will have something tangible to leave with besides your notes. You will leave with an eCommerce capable, mobile ready website that is live on the Internet and that you can use to actually generate leads. This 2 hour workshop is available for $199 USD. Point blank, if you find a better deal anywhere from anyone, take it.  Try our Instant Website Builder, it's FREE!

See you at the top,

[DISCLAIMER] - We offer a learning workshop where everything is explained in plain English to you and examples of what works are given by people who are using these same techniques to generate leads from the Internet using nothing more than what is being offered in this workshop, for free. No guarantee or warranty of any kind is being implied nor given.

WARNING: The local "Big Brand" consumer electronics store you are currently using for computer service does not require their employee's to be actual IT Professionals nor Computer Technicians. It is not recommended to let anyone who is not a professional technician anywhere near your computer or consumer electronics device. This has proven detrimental to Small Business Owners Worldwide. All of our personnel speak English, have been screened by a licensed background checking activity and have been drug tested.

Computer Technicians

Certified Computer Technician - CompTIA IT Operations_Specialist

Cybersecurity Specialists

Certified Computer Technician - CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist

Server + Network Tecnicians

English Speaking, Certified Computer Technician - CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional

US Based, English Speaking Tech Support and Computer Technicians.