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CERTIFIED, Legitimate, USA Based, English Speaking, On-Demand, Telephone Tech Support / Remote Help.

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Real Technical Support - $39.99 Per Call

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On demand USA based, technical support and individual instruction from genuine certified computer technicians sold here.

MyTechnologyCOACH.Me is the fastest and most economical way to get the technical support you need, today. The team are US based, active and experienced Information Technology experts and CERTIFIED CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ and Server+ Computer Technicians. We are all also successful managers, engineers and technical trainers who hold many other Information Technology Certifications such as those from Microsoft, IBM, Google, Cisco, ITIL (AXELOS, Information Technology Infrastructure Library), The PCI (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council), Dell and more.

We are actual Information Technology Experts who currently still work in the industry and are required to maintain our technical expertise in order to pass routine and rigorous proctored test to maintain our legitimacy. We are REAL experts who can actually help you unlike the multitude of part-timers and hobbyist moonlighting as "fake support techs" that you will find at the corporate big box chains and on various classified ads portals.

We are also experienced Technical Trainers and Customer Service Professionals who have actually trained award winning support organizations for real Fortune 500 companies in addition to small and medium sized organizations just like yours. Beyond that, we have helped THOUSANDS of regular users just like you. If for some reason we do not fix your issue the call is free. Additionally we only use recognized and secure Google connections that you initiate from your computer or phone to allow us to look at your screen and help you fix your issues.

If you are in need of reliable and legitimate Technical Support or Computer Repair Service, then we are who you need to call or text. We have been doing this for a very long time and we are able to help you through your computer issues, problems and gaps in knowledge. WE CAN help you. Get Professional Technical Support Over The Phone From The United States Today.

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Tech Support Issues We Can Fix!

  • Random pop-ups that threaten you or try to extort you
  • Slow web browsing or a general lack of performance using web-browsers
  • Sucurely erasing old phones, tablets and computers
  • Actually getting the Spyware and Virii off your PC or Mac computer
  • Reducing SPAM and advertising e-Mails coming to you
  • Computers that lock up for no reason at all while being used
  • Loud noisy fans on your computer that drive you mad
  • Getting your camera and microphone working so you can video chat
  • Locking your computer down so its private and safe from hackers
  • Backing up everything on your computer automatically to a USB stick
  • Printers that will not print or scanners that dont scan
  • Setting up a home network or fixing one that stopped working
  • Getting your data back after you lost or deleted it
  • The sound on your machine not working correctly
  • Killing your virus without erasing your computer
  • Creating seperate user accounts on your computer or mobile device
  • Setup your computer to take dictation so you can talk instead of type
  • Helping you save money when buying a new computer
  • Make your old Mac or PC perform faster so you dont need a new one
  • Loading drivers and patches to keep your system working correctly
  • Cleaning off all the trash without wrecking your system
  • Updating your Windows 7 or 8 PC without losing all your data
  • Configuring your GPU for maximum gaming performance
  • Fixing screens where all the colors are wrong or the icons are missing
  • Making more space on your hard drive
  • Seting up dual monitors or triple or more
  • Getting your Wi-Fi to cover the whole house
  • Fixing your game controller that stopped working
  • Stopping hackers from spying on you with your camera
  • Removing all your credit card info off your computer
  • Stopping your phone from listening to your conversations
  • Blocking SPAM calls on your phone
  • Recovering your deleted pictures on your device

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